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The features of a Web design will depend on the aim and functionalities that the Web site will have. According to these features, we can categorize Web designs into different types:

web design tips(Large or Small) Institutional Websites

web design templatesOnline Catalogues or Electronic Catalogues

web designersE-commerce Websites

web page designWeb Portal

These are the most common Web design jobs that graphic designers and Web programmers develop. Let’s go into each type:

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(Large or Small) Institutional Websites

Small institutional websites are websites designed to give a company presence on the Internet. They cannot work as a company’s main advertising tool. This type of Web design generally comprises a few HTML pages, and, as they are not database-driven, updates are not frequent.

Large institutional websites are created to give a company great presence on the Internet. They are generally sales-oriented websites, which comprise generally more than 15 pages. These may be HTML or dynamic pages. Companies carry out different activities through them since these websites allow credit card purchases, and orderings, forms fillings, etc.

Institutional websites are used as powerful tools. Generally they are great advertising tools for companies who want to broaden their market horizons.

Online catalogues or Electronic Catalogues

Online catalogues are Web sites aimed to the promotion of products and services. These catalogues comprise many pages to show the different types of products, descriptions, offers, etc. They are extraordinary advertising tools for companies and very useful info sources for customers. This type of website generally relies on a database and is periodically updated for customers to be always informed on the latest products on the market, prices, etc. They do not have buying and selling methods. Specific code languages are used for their development.

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are electronic business applications aimed at commercial transactions. Their main objective is to sell online. This type of website is really convenient for all kinds of companies, especially for small and medium-sized ones since it allow them to sell items to customers in distant locations and not only to locals–like a non-electronic commerce. There are many businesses whose only “building” is this website. They carry out all business activities through it: customers buy a product by making an ordering and paying with their credit cards, and the item is shipped to the customer’s house.

As these websites work with personal details, such as credit card numbers, their design is very important. The customer must find the website reliable and easy to manage. If he gets confused he will immediately turn to other user-friendly websites. E-commerce websites generally comprise a shopping cart, electronic funds transfer systems, and payment gateway integration for customers to purchase online. Specific code languages make possible all functionalities carried by these sites.

Web Portals

Web portals provide services from different sources. They are the largest type of websites that exist on the Internet and they are called portals because they are digital doors to other websites. They generally comprise websites of a specific subject matter –for example, a cell-phones Web portal will drive to many websites that sell these products. When customers are looking for information on a specific product, they generally turn to portals to see the different possibilities they are given. Portals have not only commercial or advertising aims. They may be also used as information sources, such as e-book directories, etc. Specific code languages are also used for their development.

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