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There are many ways of promoting products and services: television, radio, street banners, flyers, etc. Then, why is it important to get a Web site to do this job? To understand how Web sites help to promote your product and why they are essential to gain public awareness of your products and services, we will first go into other means of promotion, such as television and radio.

Television is one of the most successful means of information. Most people own a television and watch it at least 5 minutes a day. This means allows the broadcasting of commercials with visual elements and sound, which make it easier for the viewer to understand the features of a product or service. For this reason, television becomes one of the best adverting elements.

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On the other hand, radio does not offer the same possibilities as television does. This means is only used to broadcast an adverting commercial by means of sounds. But it still has its advantages. People do not carry their television with them everywhere they go. But, they do carry their walkmans; this is how radio becomes an important adverting tool. It allows the possibility of being heard while people are driving their cars, walking on the street, on an elevator, or even at the waiting room of their doctor’s office.

Of course, there are other efficient means of advertising that are advantageous in many ways, but let’s now see why Web sites is sometimes better than any other means. As we said before, radio and television are very efficient ways of promoting products, but they also have negative aspects. All commercials that are broadcasted on television and radio have a restrictive duration. It would be extremely annoying to listen or to watch an endless commercial. This is avoided because, as commercial television prices are really low, most businesses can not afford paying for long commercials, or they find it not convenient to spend so much money on them.

Apart from this, all types of companies are allowed to advertise on radio or television; this may mean that many commercials promoting the same type of product are broadcasted at almost the same time –one after the other. This succession of advertisings promoting the same kind of products sometimes confuses the audience. When someone is in front of many possibilities, which all look appropriate to his needs, he will make an unconscious decision regarding which product he will buy, without analyzing in depth each item. He will only choose one of them at random without considering what is really convenient for him.

Let’s also consider the fact that all types of advertising that are not launched on the Web are only available for locals. A TV commercial of a product launched in America will be only seen by American audiences. People from other countries will not have the opportunity of getting to know the product, unless a commercial of this product is launched in their countries. In the case of radio, the situation is even worse since some radios are really short-ranged and not many people have the possibility of hearing them.

Web sites are the advertising tools that provide all that other means of communication don’t. A Web site promoting a product or service is always available for customers to visit. This means that there are no time frames for your advertising. Viewers will be able to look at and read your advertising as many times as they want, providing the possibility of deep analysis. This feature is very important since it makes viewers feel much more comfortable and allows them to get to know better the company and its quality.

What is more, having your own Web site promoting your products is a good way of making the viewer concentrate only on your products and not on many of the same kind. The viewer will be before an entire Web site dedicated only to your products and services, and, in this way, he will only get to know all the advantages of what you offer without being confused by other ads.

One of the most important advantages Web sites offer is the possibility of making people all around the world gain awareness of your products and services. No matter where they are, existing and prospective customers will be able to learn about your products from any location in the world and at any time. Your advertising won’t be restricted by any type of geographic boundaries.

Apart from all these, a site on the Web will allow you to update information, such as offers and prices, any time you want. To update the information that was given in a TV commercial, a whole new commercial must be made, which means spending a lot of money. You can use this site, not only to promote your products, but also to inform your customers or prospective ones about any other aspect of your company: subsidiaries locations, contact information, company profile, etc. This websites also work as virtual doors of your shop or company. That is to say that your customers will be able to make purchases and payments online through your site. You can also receive your customers’ comments and suggestions regarding your services by means of a special form on your site.

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Advantages of Web design
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